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Brand: Southern Tennessee Orthopedic and Spine Centers

Challenge: Consolidate multiple locations, educate each specific market, and complete an entire re-brand. 

Project: Create a fully integrated multi-media campaign to re-launch new brand, introduce physicians, and better define service lines.

Results: Successful launch, new digital platform, market specific testimonial videos,  digital content support at the clinic level in every location. 


Brand: New Leaf Cabinetry

Challenge: Outdated brand, no true identity or central voice, working for the wrong customers, 

Project: Retail inspired logo, brand narrative, local icon campaign, targeted ads based on demographics, website with digital tools to help weed out the wrong customers and improved work flow around client meetings, bid/proposal process, and improved overall client communication.

Results: Better clients, larger projects, less time wasted, better work flow, and 2020 is already the best year since 2007.


Brand: Daddy Bob's Pimento Cheese

Challenge: Design a character to represent our brand and did we mention we need it in 3 days?


Project: Create a retail friendly style that can be expanded into a whole line of additional characters based on other ingredients at a later date.

Results: Daddy Bob the pimento anchors their on site product promotion and advertising. Everyone loves this pepper

Brand: JJ Heating & Cooling

Challenge: Address new competitors and protect market share

Project: Digital campaign based on the local chamber's popular "Shop Small Shop Local" messaging, company's longevity, and pride in a small family business. Create a tie in that is uniquely local capturing and celebrating the lifestyle.

Results: Increase in valuable monthly maintenance subscriptions, unique local images doubled digital engagement, and new revenue 


Brand:The Weekend Show

Challenge: Create a multimedia product celebrating the lifestyle and culture of  Shreveport, LA

Project: Create, produce, and sell sponsorships for a new weekly radio show about the positive aspects of living in a slumping Louisiana town.

Results: Radio success jump started a successful line of apparel, a local podcast series, weekly ratings steadily growing, robust sponsorship, and a designed a revenue record breaking cheeseburger called "The Weekender" targeting millennial's with hangovers. Highlighted the community's  blossoming craft beer scene, local visual artists, live music, regional cuisine, and emerging film makers. Giving a struggling, previously unbranded town a positive voice and a hipster rally cry. We shaped culture. 


Brand: TideWater Town 

Challenge: Conceptualize the characters for a series of children's books.


Project: Work with a first time author to help organize and give life to characters for a story series about life in a low country river town.

Results: I learned a lot from this project. Mainly what not to do and why pushing back helps improve quality and the value of pivoting. This project wained in the hands of the author then died. 


"A real stinker."

               - my own kid

Brand: LandMark Title Group

Challenge: Refresh brand for the launch of a new location.

Project: New Logo, print campaign announcing the additional office.

Results: Extended brand awareness while defining service lines.


Brand:The Songwriter's Dream

Challenge: Battle the KKK in the digital space.

 Project: Clean up Pulaski's digital reputation by re-branding, promoting a local music based concert series.

Results: Wiped KKK from first page of Google. Worked with local government to create new image. Connected concert series tourism, increased sponsorships, shopped new TV version at PBS in AL and TN. Sold in AL. 



Challenge: Create awareness around Bill Ketron's proposed state bill to create a TN based currency.

 Project: Make this an issue. 

Results: See Fox News affiliate video below.

Brand:Red River Brewing Company

Challenge: Help launch a new line of dark beers.

 Project: Name a new series of beers made from thier flagship 'Captain's Reserve' porter

Results: Successful product launch. Memorable taproom party. 


Brand:Friends of Exit 14

Challenge: Economic Development 

 Project: Multi-channel grassroots political campaign / community building around an issue.

Results: Landslide, record breaking victory in local election unseating a 16 year incumbent and her cronies.  



Hello and thanks for stopping by. My Name is Cw. Young, Co-Founder of Cassowary Creative in Nashville. In 2010, with over a decade of Sales Management under my belt, I began taking on small projects to help stretch my creativity and improve my digital skillset. After a few successes, I realized how much fun passionate work can be, immediately resigned my position, and never looked back. 


For over 10 years, I've collaborated with a core group of graphic designers and regional artists to help solve a variety of sales and marketing challenges for emerging and established brands all over the Southeast. I'm proud to have produced great video, audio, print, outdoor, and motion graphics for a wonderful roster of clients. 


I have wins in politics, healthcare, craft food & beverage, home performance, high end cabinetry, import furniture, luxury real estate, and I even have a songwriting credit. Yep.

Thanks again for stopping by. Don't leave in a hurry, you may miss something. 


           - Cw. Young                                                                  Full Resumé Here 

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