Office:  3813 Dartmouth Ave, Nashville

Farm: 785 Williams Hollow Rd, Beech Hill

Cell: (931) 309-5141

Cassowary Creative 

Based in Nashville, Cassowary Creative is a boutique marketing collective dedicated to the art of the message. We loving working with emerging brands and a few Fortune 500 companies we believe in. The southeast is our briar patch and our work is crosses a multitude of industries and is visible on variety of digital platforms.

Started in 2010 and established a few years later, Cassowary is the cumulative work of two creative professionals, a small stable of graphic designers, a web developer, and several artists scattered around the globe.  Named for the colorful and fierce flightless bird, Cassowary was co-founded by Chad and Karen Young to become an outlet for the impractical and over the top. Currently, they're considering starting a podcast called "Living the Meme" where Fo-hawks are celebrated and she asks to speak with the Manager. 


Native and Creative 


Concept Design

Brand & Identity

Old School Marketing

 Digital Outreach

Pointed Cartoons

360° Reviews 

Since '12 we've delivered results in the healthcare, banking, insurance, craft food & beverage, luxury real estate, home performance, high end cabinetry, and import furniture industries. We've worked for Fortune 500 companies, as well as, emerging brands on a myriad of challenging projects. No matter the size, we approach every project with our own uniquely southern way..... roll up our sleeves, set goals,  hammer out a strategy, and do the work.


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