Hello and thanks for stopping by. My Name is Cw. Young, Co-Founder of Cassowary Creative in Nashville. In 2010, with over a decade of Sales Management under my belt, I began taking on small projects to help stretch my creativity and improve my digital skillset. After a few successes, I realized how much fun passionate work can be, immediately resigned my position, and never looked back. 


For over 10 years, I've collaborated with a core group of graphic designers and regional artists to help solve a variety of sales and marketing challenges for emerging and established brands all over the Southeast. I'm proud to have produced great video, audio, print, outdoor, and motion graphics for a wonderful roster of clients. 


I have wins in politics, healthcare, craft food & beverage, home performance, high end cabinetry, import furniture, luxury real estate, and I even have a songwriting credit. Yep.

Thanks again for stopping by. Don't leave in a hurry, you may miss something. 


           - Cw. Young                                                                  Full Resumé Here 

Cell: (931)309(dash)5141